Frequently Asked Questions

 How long does it take?

For first time clients, I usually set up a 90 minute session so that I can explain the process and get a good pulse on what you are looking to change. Subsequent sessions are scheduled for 1 hour typically. PSYCH-K ® is a technique that can quickly and easily transform outdated, self-limiting beliefs often times in only one session.

Is this Hypnotherapy?

No PSYCH-K ® is not Hypnotherapy. Both modalities allow you to work with the subconscious, but PSYCH-K® is like “microwaving” the process and makes lasting changes quickly and easily.

Do I have to attend several sessions?

Generally, a belief can be changed quickly and easily in one session, but often times we uncover several layers which may need to be addressed separately. This can require more than one session. There are reduced price packages available.


Do I have to be present to have a session?

If you are local to the Tampa Bay area, I would love to see you face to face, but I am able to work with anyone via the internet (Skype/Zoom) or over the phone with the same results!

  • Want to learn more about the technique I mentioned above? My clients have been getting phenomenal results, often just from us working together in a single session.
  • Getting from in-action to action because they started to BELIEVE in themselves and their God-given purpose.
  • Overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles that leads to greater success in their jobs.
  • Healing broken relationships with loved ones.
  • Letting go of control and allowing themselves to DELEGATE and say NO, so they can focus on their business and increase their income potential.
  • Feeling good and safe about RECEIVING money and charging their worth.
  • And even attracting a romantic partner...