From Fear to Confidence

Take control of your work/life beliefs today!

Have you ever felt that you are never enough? You doubt whether your business will succeed, or you doubt that you are being a good friend, mother/father, spouse? We tear ourselves down every day, or we let others do it for us.

-Or do you have blockages to money? You fear you’ll never have enough, you dread opening the mailbox to see more bills, or you feel that you need to price your business transactions higher, but feel like its too much?

-Do you have fears that keep you from enjoying events and situations with friends and family that you know you need to release, and yet it keeps you from taking that next step and enjoying a free-from-fear life? Phobias, fear of flying, fear of spiders/snakes etc.  Or do you find yourself hesitating to pick up the phone to make those sales calls that you know you have to make in order fill that pipeline?

-Does your job require that you give presentations, but you shudder at the mere thought of having to stand in front of a group of people? Than this is the package for you! Schedule one of these packages, and we’ll have you up in the air and enjoying a life that you “feared” you would never have!

We don’t have to do this anymore! We will work on any self limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back from being the most confident person you can be!

-Sign up for multiple sessions and save with one of three package options below.

  • 4 Sessions: 1 time per week – $493     (15% Savings)
  • 8 Sessions: 1 time per week – $928     (20% Savings)
  • 12 Sessions: 1 time per week – $1305   (25% Savings)

Includes email support throughout the package time

Remote Phone /Skype/ Zoom/ Whats App / Messenger sessions are available for distance clients. Call to schedule a session.

  • Want to learn more about the technique I mentioned above? My clients have been getting phenomenal results, often just from us working together in a single session.
  • Getting from in-action to action because they started to BELIEVE in themselves and their God-given purpose.
  • Overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles that leads to greater success in their jobs.
  • Healing broken relationships with loved ones.
  • Letting go of control and allowing themselves to DELEGATE and say NO, so they can focus on their business and increase their income potential.
  • Feeling good and safe about RECEIVING money and charging their worth.
  • And even attracting a romantic partner...